Bamboo Kids toothbrush

Bamboo Kids toothbrush

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Our eco-friendly children's toothbrush is made from bamboo nylon bristles

Children under 6 years old use under adult supervision.

Measurement: 5 in.

All the toothbrushes you've ever used still exist. 
Our toothbrushes replace plastic ones, preventing them from ending up in
the trash and oceans.

Estimated time of use: 2- 3 months

Cut the bristles before Composting it.

Bamboo is a natural antimicrobial, unlike plastic brushes.

It means the toothbrush is more resistant to bacteria that can grow 
on the plastic It is recommended to disinfect before using for the first time.

Suggested natural disinfectants: neutral soap, hydrogen peroxide,
baking soda, apple cider vinegar, lemon, tea tree oil.